Cobblestone Lodge
The Lakes
Cobblestone Lodge: fishing and hunting on Raleigh Lake, Northwestern Ontario Canada


   We have 7 Remote Lakes depending on time of year, weather conditions and fish habits, you can always find good fishing. Each lake has two boats that are allowed by the M.N.R. to be left there in order to control fishing pressure. Boats and 9.9 hp. motors are stored at each lake on wood cribs with rollers and a winch for ease of handling.

Each day you are with us you will be provided with gas for your boat and a map of the lake you will be fishing. Cliff will mark some of the hot spots & give you some tips on how the fish are biting. Having a number of unpressured natural shoreline lakes with no portages and most important boats and motors are set up on wood cribs with rollers and a winch for ease of handling. The drive to the lakes is an experience in itself. Our guests have reported sightings of Moose, Bear, Eagles, Martens, Wolves, Lynx, Beavers and much more to add to your memories at Cobblestone Lodge.

Raleigh Lake
COBBLESTONE LODGE is on Raleigh Lake and quite well known for its lake trout.Being spring fed cold arctic waters these fish are fun to catch. If you haven’t had enough fishing on our remote pike and walleye lakes you can always fish Raleigh. Most important is their taste.

Sally Lake
  About a 20 minute drive, you park and walk down a wooded trail to arrive at Sally Lake. The lake is approximately 4 miles long and 1/2 mile wide with a mixture of rocky points and weedy bays for those large walleyes. Our guests have enjoyed numerous pike and fish from 12 to 20 pounds are caught daily.

Arethusa Lake
  This is one great walleye and pike lake approximately 45 minutes from camp. This is our furthest away lake but our guests say it’s worth the drive. The lake is 12 miles long and 1/2 mile wide although most guests go 2 or 3 miles to catch plenty of fish. This lake is also great for windy days.

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  Just a 15 minute drive and you arrive at Revell River. It’s just a short motor down to Revell Lake. The water in this lake is dark and the walleyes and pike tend to grow very big and chunky. This lake is approximately 12 miles long.

Kukukus Lake
  Located aproximately 45 minutes from camp you will arrive at Dome Lake, 1/2 mile up the river to Kukukus Lake. Bring your camera not only for those big fish but the many moose and wildlife along the shore. The lake is 12 miles long but most of our guests have enjoyed great fishing in the first 5 miles.

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  About a 25 minute drive and a short walk and you’re there. With 2 lakes to fish you can fish lake #1 or walk over to lake #2 where there’s another boat and motor ready to go.

Indian Lake
  Located about 35 minutes from camp you will arrive at Little Indian Lake. You can fish there or boat down a short channel to Indian Lake. The lake measures about 12 miles long with lots of walleye and pike to keep any fisherman busy.


Variety is what makes us different from other camps and being able to test your fishing skills on a number of different lakes and conditions. Due to the amount of lakes in our area, the fishing pressure on any particular lake has been reduced not to mention the amount of people, in order to give you the uncrowded relaxing trip you expect in the wilderness of Canada. Due to the size of our lakes and remote unpressured location most fishermen only travel a few miles each day, unlike huge bodies of water where you may spend more time boating and less time fishing. With spring fed artice waters there's no slow time. Whether you come spring, summer of fall, fishing is always good.


  Our boats are 14 ft. long with 9.9 HP motors and swivel seats which are perfect for 2 to 3 fishermen. There are many baits and tackle for walleyes. Locally a spinner with minnow and a 1/4 oz. weight will do the job, but bring your favorites to try. For Northern Pike I prefer 5 of Diamonds, Doctor Spoons, Daredevils and large Mepps. If you have a depth or fish finder, bring it along you'll find that it will help you find the proper structure where the big ones are. Minnows are available at camp and when you arrive back to camp with your catch you can clean and prepare your fish in the fish cleaning house. We supply wrapping paper and freezer space free of charge.

  Shore Lunch

Things we suggest you bring
For the fisherman
A light to medium action rod with 6 to 8lb. test, for those light taps that Walleye are known for. A stiff action rod with 12 to 17lb. test line for Northern Pike.
  • Camera
  • Steel leaders
  • Fish finder
  • Stringer
  • Net
  • Sharp fillet knife
  • Flashlight
  • Rain gear
  • Compass
  • Cooler
  • Alarm clock
  • Small backback or duffle bag for gear

Suggested tackle or purchase tackle when you arrive -- we sell only what works in our area.

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