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Cobblestone Lodge: fishing and hunting on Raleigh Lake, Northwestern Ontario Canada


 Cobblestone Lodge welcomes comments. Heres a sample of letters and comments from a variety of guests.

Letter 1

Dear Cliff and Denise,
We would like to tell you THANK YOU for the absolutely best fishing experience we have ever had. I have fished in 5 Countries and found myself thinking how I wished I had been fishing at Cobblestone Lodge well before this year.

Cliff and Denise, you both have such a passion for making sure all your guests have the most rewarding fishing experience one can have. We caught and released more trophy fish than we can count. The largest was a 44" Pike. We used 8lbs test and light to med rods to give the fish a fighting chance. At times it would take up to 20 minuets to bring the fish to the boat. Both Walleye and Pike in Hawk lake had the most unique bronze color we have ever seen on a fish. We would have to say our experience was as close to fly in fishing one can have with out having to fly in. We never saw another human while fishing on Sally Lake and were the only ones fishing on Hawk Lake.

Our cabin was very clean and well maintained. Boats and motors were in excellent condition.

Cliff, simply said, you are simply amazing with all your knowledge of fishing techniques and the to go spots. You were right on with all your recommendations. We will use all of your fishing techniques at home here in Wisconsin. You are truly and expert at filleting fish. We made several comments we wished we had just a little bit of your energy. Cliff, I want to thank you for plugging my tire. You jumped right in when you found out I had a slow leak in my tire.

Denise, you were always available to assist as needed with anything we asked for. We did not plan on eating any fish while we were there as we wanted to catch and release. However, we wanted to see Cliff filleting a few fish so we could get a few tips from an expert. We brought back two Walleye which Cliff had ready in a matter of a few minuets. Since we did not plan on frying fish we did not bring any breading. You were so accommodating letting us have some of your own homemade breading. Denise, it was fantastic. Again, not enough can be said about you wanting to ensure we had a lifetime of found memories.

We will be back. Have a successful bear hunt which starts tomorrow. They are lucky to have found Cobblestone Lodge and the both of you.

Randy and Rich

Best fishing experience we have ever had.

Letter 2

Thank you for the fishing trip. It was a dream come true. I hope you had a successful bear hunting season. Here are a few pictures.

Bob, James, and Benjamin Macy,
Wellsburg, IA

Thank you for the fishing trip Cobblestone Lodge

Letter 3

Hi Cliffhanger and Dee!

Here is one of two pics of the big northern Steve caught July 4 week. Hope all is well with you.

Kindest regards


Large Northern caught at Cobblestone Lodge

Letter 4

Dear Cliff and Denise,
We wanted to thank you for a great week at Cobblestone Lodge. This was our best fishing experience and on that my two boys, Klin and Reid, will never forget. We booked the trip after meeting you guys at the Sportsmans Show in St. Paul, MN and I can honestly say that our experience exceeded our expectations. The fishing was excellent and we enjoyed the accommodations, camp fish fry and friendly hospitality. This was our first fishing trip to Canada. We greatly appreciated the time that Cliff took each day to teach us fishing techniques, provide us with detailed lake information and fish cleaning lessons. I have already recommended Cobblestone Lodge to several of my friends and will continue to tell others about our trip. Attached are a few photos from our trip. Thanks again and we look forward to making another trip to Cobblestone!

Trey Rothenberger,

A Great Week of Fishing at Cobblestone Lodge

Letter 5

Caught a 43.25 inch northern pike

Letter 6

Hi Cliff,
Hope all is well with you. My Mother-in-law said you wanted some pictures so I have attached what I have. Please contact me if you need anything. Thanks for a great time. I have been to Ontario over twenty times but the fishing at Cobblestone was as good as I have ever seen. I have spoiled my son-in-law and brothers, who have never been fishing in Canada before, because they now think it’s always like this. Your accommodations are top shelf as well. We’re hooked on Cobblestone!


We are hooked on Cobblestone!

Letter 7

Cliff & Denise
Thanks again for another great vacation. This was our 10 year anniversary at Cobblestone and we are booked again for next year. The fishing, scenery, and hospitality were outstanding as usual. Keep up the good work. We are already looking forward to our next visit.

Gail & Doug Gale,

Thanks for another great vacation at Cobblestone Lodge

Letter 8

Had a great time as usual at Cobblestone

Letter 9

Cliff & Denise,
Cliff, waw I was and still am very impressed with the way you run your business and baits. I had the time of my life. Canada was everything I dreamed it would be and you and Denise the way things are done and how well we are taken care of was excellent. You work very hard at your baiting and as long as people listen and believe in your expertise everything will work out. I was truly amazed if you said there was a big bear at the bait and we had the patience to wait for them to show, sooner or later they would. Have a great rest of the season and year.

Rick & Elaine

Impressed with the way you run your business

Letter 10

Cliff & Denise,
Finally sending the picture of Cal’s 29" walleye he caught on Sally Lake on 8/3/12. And a picture of a 22" walleye also from Sally Lake. We sure enjoyed our week at Cobblestone. Hope the bear hunt is going well.

Thanks again,
Cal & Connie Maki

We enjoyed our week at Cobblestone

Letter 11

Look forward to visiting your camp again

Letter 12

Hi Cliff & Denise,
Attached are some pictures from this year’s trip in June. Our sixth year at your lodge was probably the best fishing we have had in Canada. For the week we ended up with somewhere between 45-50 walleyes over 20 inches, with a number being 23-26 inches, not to mention numerous fish the right size to eat. We also caught some nice northern pike and really hit the smallie’s one day on Indean Lake. Thanks again for everything. We look forward to coming back again next year.

Jay Harris

Best fishing we ever had in Canada!

Letter 13

Cliff & Denise,
Thanks for the fantastic vacation we all had a wonderful experience, epecially Nathan who by the way is still talking about the trip. We will definitely be back next year, but we will be bringing a larger group. When I have everyone lined up I will be contacting you to set it up.

Thanks again,
Brian Hock

Thank you for a fantastic vacation!

Letter 14

Cliff & Denise,
Thank you for a fantastic time. I truly enjoyed my stay at Cobblestone Lodge. I also appreciate the hard work and time that went into making this a successful hunt. This was an experience of a lifetime. Let Cliff know I will be doing a full mount on my bear and will send some pictures when it is complete! I hope to visit you again in the future...this time to get some fishing in!

Thanks again,
Jason Whetsel

Thank you for a fantastic time!

Letter 15

We had a blast! What a beautiful week of extra nice weather. Of course the guys thought it was much too nice for fishing, but the girls thought it was perfect!! We did have a wonderful time. Once again, Danielle got to show off her fishing skills to the guys! The scenery is absolutely beautiful at your lodge and the lakes we fished.

Thanks for having us...
Sheila and family

Beautiful week of nice weather at Cobblestone.

Letter 16

Cliff & Dee,
We had a wonderful week up at Cobblestone. Thank you both for making us feel welcome. We are sending you a picture of Wayne’s nice 27" walleye that was caught on Hawk on 7/4/12. Sure hope to spend a week up at Cobblestone again soon.

Wayne and Linda

Wonderful week up at Cobblestone

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